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Participate in the cannabis market

Buy one-off plant places and participate in lifetime.
Cannerald takes care of the rest. 


Participate in the cannabis market

Buy one-off plant places and participate in lifetime.
Cannerald takes care of the rest. 

This website provides information on topics related to Cannerald, CannerGrow, CannerMed and CannerRec

For questions and for support:
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Why Cannabis and CannerGrow?

The green gold ...


"We grow for you"

You buy one or more planting places in Cannerald's indoor facilities.
CannerGrow cultivates a cannabis plant there, harvests it and sells the harvest.
After 2-3 months - that is how long such a cycle takes - you will receive a 50% share of the profit from your harvest.
Then you get a new plant - Lifetime!


Swiss Made

Cannerald is a Swiss research and production company for high quality cannabis.
The production facilities are located in Switzerland (near Bern).
A viewing appointment can be arranged at any time.
With the expansion of the additional hall capacity, Cannerald will probably be the largest indoor facility in Switzerland.


Billionaire market

The cannabis billion dollar market is just beginning.
In medicine, the medicinal plant cannabis is used more and more to fight and cure diseases and in more and more countries cannabis is legalized.
Rising prices can be expected.


Affiliate program

Additional income can be generated through the CannerGrow affiliate program.
For recommendations, CannerGrow pays an attractive bonus over 7 levels.
The referrer is also involved in the profits from the harvest of his partners (residual income).

Plant sales

Purchase your own cannabis plants with just a few clicks and generate lifelong passive income!

In the CannerGrow plant sale, you can purchase one or more lifetime slots in the Cannerald grow rooms.
CannerGrow's service is to fully cultivate a cannabis plant here using high-quality, modern equipment.
After 2-3 months, the harvest takes place and you will receive a new plant cutting free of charge.* Every customer has full control over their harvest and can decide what to do with it.

The profit will be split between you and CannerGrow at 50% each.

*) Outlook for 2022: By dividing the growth phase and the flowering phase into different grow rooms, the time between harvests will be significantly reduced. This means that 1-2 harvests can be additionally paid for per year.

The Cannerald company

Cannerald is a Swiss cannabis research and production company that is among the top one percent of the world's top providers in this promising market segment. In 2017 the company was created as a project by MSL Industries GmbH. Since July 18, 2018, Cannerald GmbH has been an independent company registered in Switzerland.
The company's goal is to make premium cannabis and cannabis products of unique quality socially acceptable in Switzerland, German-speaking countries and all of Europe. Cannerald / CannerGrow sees itself not as a classic company with the sole aim of maximizing profit, but as a partner and sponsor of the entire industry.

In this context, Cannerald offers its partners the unique opportunity to actively participate in the development of a new and exciting market in Europe.

The solution:

Cannerald / CannerGrow - The cannabis market


The cannabis market is an industry that is not just lucrative. It is much more important that the quality of life and health of millions of people can be sustainably improved by high-quality cannabis and CBD in unique quality. The need for medical cannabis and hemp products, CBD, CBG and other THC precursors is growing rapidly. Locally, the demand in Europe cannot even be met in sufficient quality. Delivery bottlenecks are currently being reported even from Canada. The demand for effective, medical cannabis is currently growing so rapidly that there is hardly any end in sight.

Did you know that only in Germany around 100,000 prescriptions for receiving medical cannabis are currently issued annually and that the majority of the goods have to be imported from abroad?
Cannerald / CannerGrow wants to seize this opportunity and tackle the as yet undeveloped European market for high-quality cannabis products. From the growth process of plants to their harvesting and processing, Cannerald / CannerGrow has only one guideline - and this is called quality. Cannerald / CannerGrow stands for premium cannabis that successfully exceeds every European quality standard.

The recommendation program


Would you like to do more and invite others to become part of the Cannerald community?

Cannerald / CannerGrow's attractive Unilevel compensation plan pays up to a total of 20 percent referral bonus on every single plant sale.
In a nutshell: Every time a pitch or plant is sold within the first 7 levels of your team, you will receive a lucrative bonus.

In addition to this one-time bonus, you generate residual income in the form of a share in the harvest profits of the members of your team.

At Cannerald you participate in the entire value chain of the company.

Cannabis shop

At the beginning of May 2020, the Cannerald product shop started with the first CBD products.
The premium CBD comes from its own state-of-the-art production, is hand-picked and in organic quality. No artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used. All fertilizers used are of natural origin - i.e. 100% organic.
With the support of an ever-growing community, the goal of Cannerald / CannerGrow is to make high-quality cannabis lifstyle products of unique quality socially acceptable - in Switzerland, the German-speaking area and throughout Europe.

Cannerald / CannerGrow - CBD Pre-Rolls

Special price for "plant owners":

As a plant owner, you can buy products directly from your crop yields. This enables a special price for shop products of up to over 50%!

1 g of CBD corresponds to 4.20 EUR in our shop.

If you are a regular consumer of CBD products, you can generate a "flat rate" by purchasing plants once.

The founders of Cannerald / CannerGrow

Cannerald is a young company with the ambition to become the largest cannabis producer and exporter in Europe. The cornerstone for this was laid in 2017 by Sascha Adrian Wäschle, Levin Kim Amweg, Maik Marcel Pietrowski and Severin Jem Amweg, who founded the company together in 2018.