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Do you want to be part of the cannabis industry and own your own physical plants? With CannerGrow, Cannerald has the perfect solution for you.

Cannerald is a Swiss-based cannabis research and production company and is in the process of establishing additional facilities in Switzerland and Europe. CannerGrow is a revolutionary ecosystem for the sale of cannabis plants. With CannerGrow you can own your own physical cannabis plants in Cannerald's high quality indoor facility and get the profits of the actual market paid out.

Register at CannerGrow and you can purchase a space for your plants in the "Plant purchase" section. Decide how many pitches / plants you want and buy them with just a few clicks. From now on, let the experts work while you sit back and relax.

After harvesting, you receive 50% of the yield from each plant. The more plants you own, the more profit you can make.

  • The cannabis plants are harvested every 2-3 months.*
  • The purchase of this service is valid for life.
  • You will receive a new cannabis plant for free after each harvest.
  • Market-leading research and partner companies enable Cannerald to produce high quality cannabis with 30% less water and 40% less energy. This know-how leads to an even better return on your investment and the best possible medical cannabis.
*) Outlook for 2021: By dividing the growth phase and the flowering phase into different grow rooms, the time between harvests will be significantly reduced. This means that 1-2 harvests can be additionally paid for per year.

Become a CannerGrow member today and start reaping the benefits of your own plant.

How to buy your pitches / plants
First select the number of pitches / plants you want to buy.
CannerGrow gives the harvest yields as realistic with 45 to 70 grams per plant and optimistic with up to 75 grams per plant.

As a payment method you can choose between BitCoin transfer, bank deposit or payment from the account credit (if there is enough)

The price per place / plant is 1485 EUR plus VAT and fee. The fees do not apply to payments via BitCoin or payments from the account balance.

Every partner who owns plants in one of the grow rooms (not pre-sale plants) can offer their plants for sale on the marketplace.
This means that the plants have a resale value and can be sold to other interested parties from the community.
The marketplace offers partners the opportunity to buy plants directly - without having to wait for the pre-sale phase.

Under the heading "Your plants" each of your plants is listed with the following information: Allocation number (label), location, name of the grow room, purchase date and crop yield.

The status in the different grow rooms is documented in the back office by a live cam.

The demand for plant places / plants is currently so great that CannerGrow is in a pre-sale phase. This means that the plant places that are currently being sold are still in the setup phase and will only be available later for the start of growing. Information on the grow room currently on sale is provided on the "Dashboard".

Distribution of the harvest
The additional costs are currently 35 EUR per grow. Additional costs are salaries, electricity (ventilation), rent, electricity (lamps), fertilizer, consumer goods, rock wool blocks and water.
After deducting the ancillary costs, the remaining crop yield is divided 50/50 between the plant owner and the company.

What price can be obtained for the harvest?
Cannerald has applied for a GMP license for the entire facility. With this license, the company is authorized to sell directly to the government and pharmaceutical companies. The license is expected to be received in 2021.
Furthermore, the Swiss authorities are negotiating with Cannerald for a special permit to grow THC plants. With the intention of making Switzerland less dependent on THC imports.
The shops can also achieve higher profits for CBD flowers in the B2C area (Business to Customer), but it will not be possible to sell 100% harvest B2C.
  • 1.45-1.95 EUR / gram: B2B price
  • 1.45-2.35 EUR / gram: Mixed B2B and B2C price
  • 2.40-2.90 EUR / gram: GMP price for medical CBD
  • 2.60-3.60 EUR / gram: GMP target price for medical THC *
  • 3.00-5.00 EUR / gram: B2C price (symbolic)
  • 4.20 EUR / gram: When purchasing a product in the Cannerald shop and paying with your own harvest. **

*) Outlook for 2021: CannerGrow is planning to convert all grow rooms from CBD plants to THC plants. Clean rooms will be set up so that packaging for direct delivery to the pharmaceutical industry is possible. The requirement for this is the GMP license, which is expected to be granted in 2021.

**) As a plant owner, you can buy products directly from your crop yields. This enables a special price for shop products of up to over 50%! 1 g of CBD corresponds to 4.20 EUR in our shop.

Harvest calculator
CannerGrow - calculation of crop yields for various parameters

General terms and conditions (GTC) for sales.